Hymyileviä nuoria rivissä valokuvausseinän edessä Music Against Drugs -iltatapahtumassa.

The Organisation

Music Against Drugs ry is an organisation aimed at improving the health, social participation, and social well-being of young people. Our organisation focuses on the prevention of substance abuse.

Our values are communality, equality, and joy. Our work has inspired young people all over Finland to participate in socially empowering, drug-free activities, in which everyone is treated as equals. We aim to give young people the chance to make new friends, as well as the opportunity to try out new hobbies and get positive experiences – all of which reduce the risk of drug abuse and mental health issues. Our organisation works closely with a variety of social services, healthcare professionals, and youth organisations, both locally and nationally. Our work is funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, with funds coming from Veikkaus, the national lottery company.

Our dream is a society in which all young people have an equal opportunity to lead a healthy life.

Our mission is to provide all young people with equal opportunities to participate in society, no matter their background.

Our activities give young people the chance to make friends, feel a sense of belonging, get positive experiences, and discover their strengths.

Let’s work together for the well-being of young people!

Our Projects

Drug Education Programme

The Music Against Drugs Drug Education Programme is developed for young people in upper comprehensive school as well as for practitioners working with them (such as youth instructors and teachers). The goal of the programme is to prevent drug use among young people and children through social empowerment and social participation. Some parts of the programme are aimed at young people (such as band competitions and Music Against Drugs evenings), while others are intended for professionals and organisations working with young people.

The Ink Team

Music Against Drugs offers work experience placements in Jyväskylä for people aged 18 to 29. The work consists of youth-led team work, shared activities, as well as individual and group training sessions. The duration of the Ink Team is approximately 3.5 months, with the aim of improving work skills and holistic well-being of young people. The participants will work in small teams which will be formed around their interests. Each team will have a mentor, and select a leader amongst themselves. The purpose of working in teams is for young people to learn to work together, recognise their strengths, and improve their communication skills.

ISGee – Online Gaming Community

In 2017, Music Against Drugs introduced a two-year online gaming project aimed at 13 to 29 year-old people interested in online gaming. The purpose of the project is to improve the health and social well-being of young people as well as to address the adverse effects of digital gaming.
The ISGee gaming community was developed as part of the project. The purpose of ISGee is to offer holistic community support for young people interested in online gaming.

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