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Volunteer at Music Against Drugs

Friends, adventures, and freedom to choose

Volunteering at Music Against Drugs gives you the perfect opportunity to express and develop yourself in lively and receptive company. You’ll be able to participate in weekly online chats, travel with us all around Finland for different events, as well as get valuable experience in event planning. Thursday evenings (4 pm – 8 pm), our space is open for different weekly events, such as culture evenings, film nights, and game nights. You can also take part in developing and planning our activities, as we are always getting new ideas from young people.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to

  • make friends
  • take part in creative projects (such as short films) with other young people
  • get experience in event planning
  • participate in weekly online chats and meetings, as well as Thursday evening planning
  • write blogs, film vlogs, or otherwise contribute to our communication
  • help us develop our activities

We at Music Against Drugs appreciate all types of involvement. If you have great IT skills, you can help us in case we have technical issues. If you love to bake, we have a kitchen ready and waiting. If you’re good at listening and talking, you can participate in meetings and online chats with young people. If photography is your thing, you can photograph our events and give editing a go.

We would love to hear from you! You can either get in touch with us HERE, contact Teemu (contact details below), or just pop at one of our events.

Teemu Auvinen
050 445 6449

[email protected]